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Avakov asked to approve the lifting of the trade blockade of Donbass

Аваков просит одобрить снятие торговой блокады ДонбассаThe interior Minister asked the relevant authority to solve the problem of the blockade.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov called anti-terrorist center (ATC) to take appropriate decision on the lifting of the blockade in the Donbass, which the government could perform.

He said this during the meeting of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman metallurgists. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“I appeal to MPs: dear colleagues, to sit already need to finish, let’s make a law that every citizen of Ukraine has the right to block the railroad tracks. Would you like such a law? There is no such law and never will. Then let us obey the laws we have and let’s give those powers the law enforcement agencies to recover the situation. And I would ask the leaders of the ATC to weigh all the relevant decisions of the Antiterrorist center, which directs all security operations in zone anti-terrorist operation, weigh… to take a decision, and we will provide the solution,” said the Minister.

Avakov noted the importance of resolving the situation with minimal critical import “goods exchange, which will provide only essential for Ukraine, and this issue will be legislatively settled.”

Recall, January 25, veterans of the ATO blocked Railways Lugansk-Lysychansk-Popasnaya to end trade with illegal armed groups. The participants of the blockade, said that will not let the metal, coal, wood, and the party of alcohol and cigarettes.

The Ukrainian government did not support the blockade. The argument against this was that the Ukrainian thermal power plants need coal anthracite, which is mined in the occupied regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. From February 17 in Ukraine the state of emergency in the energy sector.

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