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Available gamepad Artplays AC55 will turn the smartphone into a game console

The hardware capabilities of modern smartphones, if we are not talking about models for $ 50, enough to run a fancy video game with powerful graphics, in which you just want to spend a few hours of leisure. But you can control your character or military equipment directly from the screen very uncomfortable, and there is a risk of dropping the gadget. Then you need a radical solution to the problem, and it exists plus it is already available on the Russian market.

This wireless joystick Artplays AC55, which can now be purchased via Yandex.Market, choosing the right retail store. The accessory is versatile, as suitable for smartphones and for computers with laptops, but it can not limited. Let’s test Artplays AC55 and evaluate its functionality in practice.



Joystick Artplays AC55 sold in a package of a relatively thin cardboard, painted in blue and white colors. On the front face of the box there is a window covered with transparent plastic, through which you can see the controller itself. Thus, it is possible immediately, even before the purchase and unpacking to evaluate the appearance of the device.

The back of the box is very informative: here is a list of characteristics of the joystick, as well as its main advantages, and all inscriptions in Russian, so translate do not have to. Total for the set informative pack of 5 balls and at the same time, 3 points for the density of the material used.



In the box, in addition to the joystick Artplays AC55 is quite a lot of accessories. First and foremost is, of course, a special mount for the smartphone, which we consider separately later. There is also a cable for charging the controller USB adapter for PC connection and instruction manual.

USB-dongle has a very compact size that allows you to insert it into the port on your computer or laptop and forget about it – get in the way, he just will not. In the instructions addressed each parameter related to the joystick, and given all the combinations of buttons to activate one or another connection mode. This section I advise you to study more.



A list of the characteristics of the joystick Artplays AC55 listed as on the box, and complete instructions. Information provided with comprehensive, except for the information about the time of Autonomous work, but also in third-party sources this parameter is not specified.


– housing material: plastic;

– case color: black;

– battery: built-in, 550 mAh;

– compatibility: Android, Microsoft Windows;

– connectivity: Bluetooth, USB receiver 2.4 GHz;

interfaces: microUSB 2.0 for charging;

– wireless range:10 meters;

– buttons: d-pad, two sticks, XAYB, L1, L2 , LT, RT;

– features: battery saver mode, the possibility of a wired connection to the computer.


Artplays AC55 very much like the joystick from game consoles Microsoft Xbox – there are similarities in design of the hull and the location of all the buttons. The controller is made of plastic and painted in black color, but if the top panel is glossy, bottom has a matte finish resembling plastic Soft Touch.

The “face” of the joystick are two sticks, d-pad, buttons, XAYB, and keys Back, Mode and Start. On the front end made all four shift, the bottom has the recessed Reset button to reboot, and between the “horns” the manufacturer put the entry microUSB 2.0 for charging. At the center of the top panel there are four LEDs indicating the current synchronization mode.

In General, the joystick looks very pretty – all the elements are arranged according to the classical scheme, without undue experimentation.



Artplays AC55 comfortable to hold with two hands – the weight of the controller is distributed properly and is not felt. Large fingers automatically fall on the sticks, the dead zones which are minimal. Reaching out to the other face buttons and the sticks conveniently L1 and L2, unlike the RT and LT to reach them, you need to apply some force.

Assembled the joystick is very, very high quality – customized items accurately and with high precision, deflashing plastic is nowhere, the buttons don’t rattle, but not the crossbar creaks as it often happens.

The question caused the location of the charging connector – he was placed in a very awkward place, as it looks directly to the user, and it turns out that for a wired connection to the computer cable is located between the arms and is bent under the body of the joystick. Operation do not interfere, but visually looks to put it mildly, not very aesthetically pleasing to place the connector on the panel next to the shift would not have been any difficulty.


Mount for smartphone

Complete cradle made to reflect the location of the charging socket – it has a special cutout for the connector cable. The bracket itself is made of very durable and high quality plastic and has an insert of soft material (foam) in those places where there is contact with the body of the joystick or mobile device. Thus, it eliminates any probability of scratches on your smartphone.

Of the undocumented features include a special metal leg-support, which will allow you to put the joystick attached in cradle smartphone on the table, and the whole structure will not collapse under the weight of the phone. Also mount at a certain skill can be used as a separate stand smartphone, and even with adjustable angle.

The cell phone holder is spring-loaded and versatile – to fit the device with virtually any screen. We did a test on the Apple iPhone 5 (4 inches), the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (pictured, 5.5 inch) and Xiaomi Mi 2 Max (6.44 inches), and all three smartphones fit in the mount without difficulty. The angle of inclination is adjustable in a very wide range, and fixation is carried out by two screws on the sides.

Note that to use the joystick paired with a smartphone possible without the cradle is optional but not a must-have accessory, and the smartphone simply can be put on table or any other surface or to use already existing stand. However, to play when the phone is fixed in the locking mechanism, more convenient and more comfortable.


Connect to Android

To connect Artplays AC55 to an Android device in two ways, the most convenient of them is the Bluetooth module. The phone finds the controller just a couple of seconds and is synchronized with it without any difficulty and error.

Tested the joystick in emulators Dendy, SNES and Sega MD II and each of these consoles was chosen 10 games, in the amount of three dozen titles. Of the total number of toys, only five refused to cooperate with Artplays AC55, and the rest recognized it instantly, and didn’t even have to reconfigure the buttons and shift. In regular games under Android too no problems arose, neither the shooters nor racing game. Note that to connect Artplays AC55 is possible not only to smartphones but also for tablets – screen size of the device in this case plays no role, if only it was Bluetooth and the latest version of the Android OS.

The second option is connecting to a mobile device using a USB adapter, but it’s an undocumented feature. To do this you need an OTG cable (not supplied), and nothing more, but in this mode of the 30 toys joystick identified only 20. Consequently, the Bluetooth connection is still preferred.

To connect Artplays AC55 to the smartphone by wire using the OTG adapter have failed.


The connection to the computer based on MS Windows

Joystick Artplays AC55 we connected to PC and laptop on Windows 7 and Windows 10 – both systems recognize the accessory easily.

The first connectivity option: Bluetooth. In this regime we observe some delay in the signal transmission at a distance of 3 meters, although stated operating range of 10 meters. If you sit close to the computer, no such problems. We launched 10 games, both modern and 20 years ago, and only really old shooter 2001 refused to work with a joystick.

The second variant of connection: via USB dongle. Here the problems with delays there is no signal even at a distance up to 5 meters, so you can play even in a very large room. Wi-Fi network interference also do not create, and in this mode of 10 toys joystick was recognized without exception.

There is a third option – direct connection to the computer via the cable supplied, and it is stated by the manufacturer. As in the case with a USB adapter, the joystick was found in all 10 games, and this option is even preferable, so as not to worry about the battery. And not only located in its place Jack connection cable sometimes will withdraw from yourself. But this location is the explanation. This design allows you to charge it through a cable with a plastic holder (it has a hole), that is, with this solution, engineers can play on your phone mounted on your controller and simultaneously charge controller. If the connector was on top, it would be impossible.


Connecting to iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone

Joystick Artplays AC55 not formally support any platform other than Google Android and Microsoft Windows. In other mobile and desktop OS it will not work.


Autonomous operation

Joystick built-in battery capacity 550 mAh, non-removable, and charging via microUSB. In operation about Bluetooth energy Artplays AC55 enough for 6-7 hours of the game, and when you use the USB adapter supplied with the battery discharged an average of 8 hours.

Charge Artplays AC55 can be from anything – external battery, network, memory of your smartphone or directly from the computer, even right during the game. Regardless of the energy source and the output current controller is used to significantly heat up during charging, but its temperature is raised slightly, and overheat it definitely can.

The charging time depends on the connected device: a network memory at 2 amperes charges joystick for 20-25 minutes, from a PC with its 0.5 amp USB 2.0 port 50 – minute drive away and approximately 40 minutes from 1-voltage external battery.



Value for the joystick Artplays AC55 very good for relatively small money you buy a universal game controller that is equally well suited for a variety of devices – laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. Available both wired and wireless connectivity, with just two options work without wires. All this is complemented by the excellent quality of materials and workmanship and the ability to play 99% of all existing games.


Pros Artplays AC55

– high quality materials;

– wired and wireless connection;

– universal mount for smartphones.


Cons Artplays AC55

– microUSB 2.0 instead of modern USB C;

– inconveniently located buttons LT and RT and charging connector.

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