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Autumn in Estonia: notes for tourists

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туристаA small country, only a few hours on excellent roads and you cross it from edge to edge. Reasonable prices and lots of ideas for leisure.

It’s nice here. This is the first Association that comes to mind in already upon arrival at the airport of Tallinn.

And with every visited place sure that is one of the best destinations for beautiful fall weekend, and especially for families with children. A small country, only a few hours on perfect roads and you cross it from edge to edge. Reasonable prices and lots of ideas for leisure – active and educational for the kids to peaceful and calm for parents.

I was in Tallinn and Tartu with children, and begin a story you want with a very unusual family restaurant, which is somewhere between Tallinn and Tartu… is a must to visit place! Such institutions and make the mood for the weekend! The restaurant is called “Põhjaka Mõis”

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

Pijaca manor, built in 1820, in 2007, the discovery of her three young cooks were in very poor condition. Instead of Windows and doors were pieces of plywood, and the house was broken and stolen pieces of elaborate furnaces and even wood floors.

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

Three years restoration work was underway, everything was done with your hands when power was ended, came to the aid of friends. One day the Grange Pijaca became what you see today. In 2010, the restaurant was open.
For me, the restaurant interior is probably more important than the kitchen. This place is amazing.
Here proved that the tastiest food possible to cook using only local, home-cooked, full-time seasonal products. By the way, in three places in the restaurants of Estonia met the players and records, it adds even more flavor!
It looks like Pavlov’s version of this restaurant. The first time I meet this option.

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Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

Of course, there is a local craft beer.

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

And what is autumn around! Hmmm…. And everything is home-made, it’s a family restaurant.

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

However, Estonia has started for me from the airport… With my love and interest in aviation, I even could not imagine that a European airport can cause such a delight. The most comfortable airport in Europe – Tallinn.

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

It’s just the waiting area at the boarding gate at one of the gates, it’s not a cafe.

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

I have been to almost two hundred countries on all continents, but never felt so at home as here. Few people can make the airport really homemade, but the Estonians have succeeded one hundred percent. Over the last few years Tallinn airport is consistently in the top ten best airports in the world and Europe and even better in the “Sleeping in Airports”! And it’s not a major transit hub, not a major airline, and just a little capital airport one of the Baltic republics, with a total traffic of 2 million passengers per year.

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

Airport – the air gate of the country, it begins with the introduction with her. I started with enthusiasm. Here one gets the feeling that you are trapped in a cozy shared apartment and moving from one gate to another, just go visit the neighbors.

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The world is full of airports. The most beautiful by far, in Baku, the most modern in Singapore. Comfortable and pleasant in all respects – in Seoul, Doha, Dubai and Tokyo. Many airports are remembered. But in terms of “coziness” of Tallinn, the leader in my rating unconditionally.

At the airport in Tallinn is one runway with a length of 3 070 meters. The airport serves primarily small aircraft of the type Boeing 737-300/500 and Airbus A320, but also capable of receiving large vessels, the Boeing 747. The biggest plane that has landed at Tallinn airport was the airline company Volga-Dnepr An-124 in April 2009. From winter 2007 to summer 2008 was a large-scale restructuring of the passenger terminal. March 29, 2009, at the 80th anniversary since the birthday of Estonian President Lennart Meri (1929-2006), the Tallinn airport was named after him.

Everywhere carpet is a sign of good taste. I’ve only met in Singapore, Delhi and Seoul. Nowhere else have not seen such a seamless blend of cafes, cosy sofas and then the door to the jet bridge. And the toilets, what fun! The inscription above the urinal:

But, more importantly, it has an outdoor terrace overlooking the apron!

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

To see the whole of Estonia on top? A restaurant, a café, an observation deck, not the tower.

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

And in the narrow streets of the old Tallinn is also cozy! Although I’ve seen them quite a bit.

Осень в Эстонии: заметки для туриста

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