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Autumn detox diet: minus 3-5 kg per week

Осенняя детокс-диета: минус 3-5 кг за неделюExperts suggested how to cleanse the body in the fall and at the same time to lose weight.

The usual concept of a detox diet is associated in most people with hunger and eat solely vegetables and fruits. Not really se is as tough as it seems, but still have to consume foods of plant origin, because they help cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and thus help to lose weight.

The main feature of the autumn detox diet is to eat seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries, combining them with useful cereals. This feature is the main advantage, because during the week of detox, the person will not feel hunger, and therefore did not fail.

Autumn detox diet is designed for 7 days, but if you want you can eat on it for a few weeks, and especially good for those who have a lot of excess weight or worsened the seasonal beriberi. A week go 3-5 kg of excess weight.

Every day you must sit at the table 4-5 times and eat foods or meals proposed:

Monday. Salad “whisk” of raw beets, carrots and cabbage and fresh apples.

Tuesday. Porridge “Hercules” with seasonal berries, which was at hand. As snacks you can eat apples, but not more than 2 per day.

Environment. A pound of cottage cheese 5-9% with prunes, which day can not eat more than 15 PCs, 2 Apple unsweetened varieties.

Thursday. Smoothies of autumn berries with natural yogurt or simply kefir. Select low-fat dairy products to 5% is normal. Baked apples 2 PCs. of medium size.

Friday. Buckwheat porridge. Instead of butter use sunflower, olive, sesame or any other vegetable but. To enhance the taste in the porridge, you can add chopped greens.

Saturday. Soup with red beans in the vegetable broth. A couple of glasses of berry smoothies without yogurt.

Sunday. Salad of seasonal fruits and berries, 0.5 liters of juice, and millet porridge.

Of course, you can begin the detox diet on any day of the week, but nutritionists suggest to try Monday, because a man is much easier to navigate and faster it will come to its end.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water and green tea without sugar, these drinks cleanse the body more effectively than any other kind of liquid.

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