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Auto “second freshness”: the Shortcomings with which better not to buy

Авто «второй свежести»: Недостатки, с которыми лучше не покупать

Find a used car generally is without flaws is almost impossible. At least a minimum of wear and tear is always there, and at least some of the joints will be. Today let’s talk about what you can close your eyes, and that should make you go watch the next car.


Looking for a car entirely in the native paint and are scared of any perekruta. And for good reason. In the modern realities scratches and lapped happen almost all the drivers, and in conditions where the car is insured for hull, do not use insurance and not repaint the damaged part just a sin. So local re-painted parts should not be afraid.

To be afraid is, if the paint layer is a thick layer of putty. Information on the readings of the thickness gauge can be rented (for 100-300 rubles per day). Most cars have paintwork thickness of about 90-150 microns (the Japanese and Russian vehicles thinner, the Europeans and Americans fatter). If the gauge shows 300-400, so the piece was painted and maybe a little spatials, but nothing critical.

But if the gauge shows 800 or more, then under paint definitely has filler, lots of filler, and this means either the blow was strong or mediocre repair. This car is better not to take.

Still be sure to look at the gaps. They should be symmetrical on both sides of the machine. We must look at the doorways and look for perekrasit there. If they are there, then the machine either has been collected from several or were in a serious accident — from the purchase should be abandoned.

By the way, do not look for 10-year-old car without rust. Most likely it will. But if the holes still far, and the centers are just beginning to emerge, should not be afraid, because at this stage the corrosion easily stop for not very much money. Moreover, these disadvantages can easily ask for a discount.

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But if the rust is visible on the power elements of the body (the side members, pillars, sills), repair will cost you too large sum, so it is better to go and look at another option.


Now let’s talk about what can be inside: what is fear and what is not.

From normal wear salon there is no escape. And well, if the wear corresponds to the actual mileage. But if the interior is clearly says that it is time for cancellation, and the odometer is still a five-digit number, it is better to refuse from the purchase, the mileage is likely twisted.

It happens that cars are sold with the covers for the steering wheel and on the seats. In this case, you have to try to look for them or ask permission from the owner to remove them. The thing is that sometimes the covers are purchased directly before purchasing in order to hide the traces of wear.

It is necessary to test the functionality of each button and lights on the dashboard. If it does not work, for example, the foglights or window — do not worry — it’s treatable, and no effect on the rate. You can ask for a discount and sometime later to rectify the fault. But if not ESP or ABS or any other electronic assistants, the repair will be very expensive and the purchase should be abandoned.

It is also necessary to look closely at the dashboard at the moment of switching on the ignition. Pay attention should be given to the signaller and safety Check. These lights should illuminate when you turn the ignition and then off separately. If some of the lights that should be lit is not lit, it is necessary to go to a service to determine the cause or simply abandon the purchase, because, most likely, the lamp is not lit is not just. And, of course, if any lights stay on after the engine started, it speaks about malfunction of some system. Critical if there are Check, Airbag, ABS, ESP.

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Carefully inspect torpedo and plastic on it. You have any cuts, rips, visible seams. If the plastic is textured, see if there are any places where the pattern does not converge. If there is then most likely a torpedo was restored. You should also pay attention to the gaps between the parts. For example, between the torpedo and deflectors and different inserts — they must be the same on both sides, without bias.

Not a reason to refuse from the purchase, if the cabin is dirty or there is somewhere some cuts and holes. It is possible to recover and clean. It will cost cheaply, and often the discount provided by the seller, covers these costs. But if the car smells damp, it is better not to buy — maybe it drowned. But it will not solve the problem, even a large infusion of funds.

If something concerns you, it is better to refuse from the purchase. Or at least to go to service to look for the answer to the question: why?

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