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Auto mechanic with experience, explained why the machines of the 90s better than modern

Автомеханик со стажем объяснил, почему машины 90-х лучше современныхBelarusian has been repairing machines for over 14 years.

Mechanic Yury Khomenko, who has been repairing cars for 14 years, believes that cars produced in the 90-ies of the last century, better than modern. Here are the main, in the opinion of the jury, the advantages of cars of those years.


Most cars of the 90s were simple design. Of course, now the car look more stylish and attractive, this is not surprising: appearance has become the engine of sales.

However, the cars have lost their uniqueness. Previously, each model had features that distinguished it from the other. Today, looking at the current cars on the road, often from afar, it is impossible to identify the model, and sometimes even the brand.


In new cars the controls are so light that the wheel can rotate with one finger. Of course, this has some advantage. But in older cars, in my opinion, the driver feels more confident because the car feels much better.

In vehicles produced in the 90-ies, the steering is almost directly connected to the wheels. Modern security requirements include many intermediate devices between the driver and the car: electric amps steering, brake assist, traction control, power steering, automatic reverse Parking without driver intervention. All this gives the motorist to feel the true behavior of the machine.

Especially sad that now there are drivers who have no idea what it’s like to drive a car without various safety systems and assistance.


Despite the nice appearance, quality of materials of modern cars has deteriorated dramatically. In the interior used cheaper plastic counterparts. Exterior material not only become cheaper, but also deteriorated because of the requirements of safety standards. Started to be used and disposable items.


And in modern cars and in the cars of the 90 has electronic parts, but their number is different. The improvement in comfort resulted in a drastic complication of electronic systems. On the one hand, this is the advantage of modern machines. For example, to diagnose a greater number of units and a greater number of parameters to better understand the condition of the car.

However, identifying the damage, the owners of new cars need to prepare for significant expenditure. Before, if the car has stopped burning the envelope, we had to clean the contact or change a light bulb. Now the reason may lurk in malfunction of the electronic unit, which costs a substantial amount. On the whole, the repair of faults in electronic parts is not cheap. The majority of drivers themselves to fix your new ride may not: a service is “adjusted” exclusively for the services of the service center.

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