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Auto experts said that if at the same time you press the “gas” and “brake”

Автоэксперты рассказали, что будет, если одновременно нажать "газ" и "тормоз"Experts warn about the likelihood of an accident

What will happen to the car when at high speed, the driver presses two pedals: gas and brake.

If we are talking about modern cars, the gas and brake pedals is by and large electronic sensors, when pressed the signal will arrive at the computer and the car just stopped. Work stabilizing system. It will become the ESP system.

The second case is the vehicles that do not have electronics ESP. In these cars the front brakes will work better, and the ass of the car goes into a skid. The car is rear-wheel-drive will be in a stronger skid.

If you look at the behavior of the old models, equipped with a gearbox of mechanical type, with the combination of the “gas plus brake”, the motor should stall, if not to touch the clutch. The mission will be intensely warm. Although this only applies to a very outdated models. In a more modern car with the “mechanics” transmission will automatically fall into neutral.

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