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Authorities told why “Snuff” in Minsk to put you, and the stalls with you

Власти рассказали, почему «Табакерки» в Минске ставить можно, а киоски с водой нельзя

A month ago individual entrepreneurs asked the authorities to return to the streets of Minsk kiosks retail trade. UI is not clear why to put “Snuff” near stops of public transport, and sell in the same stalls juices, chips and chocolates is impossible. Today the Minsk city Executive Committee sent a reply to the appeal of the sole traders.

Власти рассказали, почему «Табакерки» в Минске ставить можно, а киоски с водой нельзя

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Recall, the fight stalls on the streets of Minsk began over 15 years ago. Authorities said they spoil the appearance of the city. In the end, the stalls disappeared. However, not so long ago on the streets of the city again began to appear stalls, only this time not with chocolates, chips and water, and cigarettes.

— On the Constitution of the state provides equal rights to all to conduct economic and other activities, guarantees equal protection and equal conditions for development of all forms of ownership, guarantees to everyone equal opportunities for free utilisation of abilities and property for entrepreneurial legal economic activities. And the President is the guarantor of the Constitution. But the reality is that oligarch, but we can not! — resented on this occasion, the Chairman of the NGO “Perspective” Anatoly Shumchanka.

Entrepreneurs sent a letter to the presidential Administration, the Ministry of Antimonopoly regulation and trade and Minsk city Executive Committee, which was asked to return to the streets of Minsk kiosks retail trade and urged officials to make transparent the distribution of seats for the stalls, to carry it through the auction with the participation of small businesses.

A month later, Minsk city Executive Committee answered the appeal. Clear answers to requests and questions sole traders there is not contained, but officials explained why the city needed “Snuff”.

“The issues of creating a dedicated network for the sale of tobacco products in accordance with the investment agreement koordiniruyutsya concern “Belgospischeprom”. From the information of the concern “Belgospischeprom”, it follows that the investment contract concluded for the implementation of the investment project to establish a private dedicated network for the implementation of tobacco products. The implementation of the investment project is not aimed at the exclusive installation of specialized commercial facilities, and includes a number of other important subsystems, which allows to deal with counterfeit products on the domestic market, to ensure guaranteed sales of tobacco, the state tobacco factory and the official importers, to restrict the sale of tobacco products and their accessibility to minors”, — is written in the response.

Also in Minsk city Executive Committee said that “at the present time is carried out systematic work on the installation of the specified non-stationary trade objects”.

Then the answer is an explanation of the reasons why entrepreneurs are unable to sell in stalls on the streets.

“In order to create a Metropolitan-level urban environment and create a comfortable environment for staff, retailers and consumers, as well as compliance with sanitary norms and rules development of trade infrastructure of the city consider it appropriate at the expense of capital construction objects”.

According to entrepreneurs, the answer of Minsk city Executive Committee is not convincing and is contrary to the policy of the President in his vision for the development of business in the country. The head of the state all the time reminds that Belarus should be equal conditions for doing business.

Now traders are waiting for the answer to this appeal from the presidential Administration.
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