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Authorities are beginning a tough experiment to reduce the number of poor people

Власти начинают жесткий эксперимент по сокращению числа бедняков

Experts in horror from the initiative of officials

To fight poverty will be locally. The government of Russia adopted the eight regions where the pilot projects to be launched to reduce the number of families with income below the subsistence minimum. However, experts desired effect the plans of the officials are not waiting. Poor simply supported at the expense of all others. In other words, we will simply see a regular circulation of money in the Russian economy.

“Run-in” program in Kabardino-Balkaria, Tatarstan, Primorsky Krai, Ivanovo, Lipetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod and Tomsk regions. In two years, as promised by the Minister of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin, it will spread throughout the country.

The objective is to reduce the number of poor Russians two times Vladimir Putin has set the government in its March letter to the Federal Assembly. The President said that there are 20 million people. “Even some working people live very modestly,” said the head of state.

However, to deal with the trouble immediately throughout the country, the Cabinet did not dare. Decided to start with some regions. On the pilot projects previously said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova: “In some regions, will be launched pilot projects that will help to analyze the causes and structure of poverty, to develop additional measures of state support. Based on the results of pilot projects will be prepared recommendations for other regions.”

As a result, the government decided on regions where an experiment on the reduction of poverty. According to him, the 2019 in eight regions will be identified as an individual families with incomes that do not reach the subsistence level. Officials intend “for them to build a trajectory of exit from poverty”. In particular, they will receive “targeted assistance on the basis of the social contract.” According to the Minister, two-thirds of the poor are families with children. After two years, the government plans to extend the experiment to the whole country.

Of course, poverty reduction is the right thing. However, as practice shows, this measure ineffective.

— She never works, because just giving away money. It’s like they devalue. As a result, we are faced with falling living standards of the poor is even lower than it is now because they will weaken the motivation to work, — says the analyst of ALOR Broker Alex Antonov.

Financial assistance to the poor, the state may accelerate inflation. Such support will also cause issues for the middle class: why help not all Russians, but only certain groups?

The distinction between the poor and the rest artificial, biased and degrading of both. The middle class is making great efforts to earn a promotion, to support a family. And if the one handing out the money, the middle class also needs to be encouraged. It turns out that the middle class, earning extra money, pays their taxes, and the poor will have the opportunity to obtain the money without effort, — said Antonov.

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