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Australian scientists have discovered a sensational find

Австралийские ученые обнаружили сенсационную находкуScientists puzzled by a bizarre faceless fish.

Australian scientists exploring the deep abyss from Northern Tasmania to the coast of Queensland, found the fish “without a face”.

CSIRO research ship with scientists on Board conducted the examination of the deep sea by dragging under water networks, equipped with cameras. The abyss, which explores marine biologists, reach depths of 4 km.

During the study, scientists divide met a lot of fanciful creatures. The camera lens caught “something of a Chimera which was making the whistle”, and fish with light scales on the head, fish-tripod, traveling on the open sea with currents.

In addition, scientists have found a fish, which was completely absent. A sea creature with a length of slightly more than 20 cm had the rudiments of eyes and mouth. Scales in its classical form was not, as the abdominal and caudal fins, and pectoral fins resembled cousins faceless fish of the herring family.

Researchers believe that the eyes of this creation is not particularly necessary to the dark abyss, so they are almost there.

Beings like faceless fish, very much in Australian waters, and most of them still unknown to science. Scientists see in the abyss huge potential.

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