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Australian 15-year-old student independently discovered a star

Австралийский 15-летний школьник самостоятельно открыл звездуThe teenager discovered a star 300 times больше of the Earth.

15-year-old Australian teenager found a star the size of 300 in excess of the Earth.

On Saturday said the representatives of AAOVSO (American Association of observers of variable stars). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

John Monash Australian originally from Melbourne. To find the star it took him only a personal computer and international the telescope. His study the student started in April last year. He used an automated telescope that he was given at Siding spring.

The boy notes that he spent a lot of effort to find this star. On the observation, he spent more than six months, during which he collected the space images. The teenager was looking directly space objects with flowerhouse light intensity, which is peculiar variable stars.

When he studied the most attractive ones, I could detect among them the star, which is 300 times the size of Earth and located at a distance of 20 711 light-years from the Blue planet.

The star, called 000-BMD-525 reaches the size of half of the Sun. Its presence has been officially confirmed in AAOVSO.

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