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Australia showed the most economical car in the world

В Австралии показали самый экономичный автомобиль в миреElectric car set a world record for energy efficiency

In Australia students of the University of New South Wales created an electric car powered by solar energy, which set a world record for energy efficiency. He managed to travel 4100 kilometres in just $ 50.

For the record the car Violet traveled from Perth to Sydney in only six days, and on charging the students spent a total of $ 50. On the day he covered a distance of 600 kilometers and recharged mainly from the sun. Energy costs were 3,25 kW/h for 100 km, the dust breaks the previous record with a performance of 5.5 kW/h.

Over the electric car on solar power could not do without difficulties – it has denied the rear axle and light up battery. However, he arrived at the destination sooner by two days than originally anticipated.

It is worth noting that the average vehicle in the US consumes 25 times more energy, and Tesla Model 3 five times more than the new Violet.

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