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Aunt of Victor Tsoi lives in poverty, sleeping in huts and begging for help

Kinopoisk, a frame from the video

On the transfer of “Talk show” of NTV channel, came aunt the legendary musician Viktor Tsoi, Tatiana. The woman told about his hard life — for several years she has been sleeping in the barracks. The housing Choi sold at the request of his son Vladimir. A man invested in his business, but quickly went bankrupt and started drinking. In the end, Tatiana is left homeless. A woman begs her father Viktor Tsoi Robert to help her financially.

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It turned out that relatives of the singer are not in a hurry to help Tatiana. Robert Choi was clearly not pleased to meet you. “I had an aunt — my father’s sister. All her life she was childless. At the time she adopted Tania. She told me no one at all. I don’t know who gave her the name. Never met her before, see her first time… She had a long time to call me and make itself felt. But now it’s too late. I am outraged that it has come to pass. It is a bloody disgrace,” said Robert Maksimovich.

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Wife of Robert Marina Khan said that in their family, too. Robert Maximovich was diagnosed with cancer, the man had to sell the apartment and to ask for help to the fans son. Now the father of a musician living in “odnushke” on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, according to him, once he had no money. However, in the final show of Robert all promised to help impoverished cousin.

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