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Audi intends to go in flight to the moon

Audi намерена отправится в полет на ЛунуThe Lunar Rover Audi Quattro is ready to be sent to the moon

Audi is known primarily as a manufacturer of premium cars decided to take part in the contest Google Lunar X-Prize and designed their own lunar research unit.

This device-the Rover has received the name Lunar Quattro and is being brought to this case a group of German scientists “Part-Time Scientists” have practically completed the preparation of the device and its scientific toppings to be sent to the moon. And this, according to present plans, will occur in 2017.

The Quattro launch of a lunar Rover and its landing on the lunar surface will be carried out using the system, the production of which was ordered by the company Audi from the company Spaceflight Inc. Work on the project Rover is from the beginning of 2015 and besides a group of “Part-Time Scientists” working 16 brought by Audi of scientists and experts in various related fields.

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“The four rings on the front of the Rover symbolize not only the leading role of Audi in this case, they indicate that the apparatus was not in its name the word Quad. Because its design uses four types of the most advanced technologies used now in the automotive industry,” says Michael Hoffman (Michael Schoffmann), one of the leaders of Audi, – “These technologies are batteries of the series “E-Tron”, high-efficiency engines and their control systems, plus the use of modern composite structural materials. And we hope that cooperation with leading scientists will allow us to find out how automotive technology and materials behave in extreme conditions”.

As soon as the Rover Quattro will reach the surface of the moon, it will use its four cameras and using the generated data will begin to explore the most interesting objects. In addition, the camera of the Rover is set in such a way that by means of them the unit will be able to remove the circular panorama and three-dimensional images. The module which has delivered the Rover to the surface, is called ALINA. And most interesting is that this module takes the moon two identical Rover Quattro.

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Currently, and until the moment of launch team, Audi is engaged in a comprehensive testing and test equipment Rovers Quattro. And in a very short time, both devices will be tested in conditions close to the conditions that they will encounter on the lunar surface.

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