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ATU soldiers recaptured part of the territory near Mariupol. Video

Бойцы АТО отвоевали часть территории под Мариуполем. ВидеоThe military is trying to gain a foothold on reclaimed land.

“It was the flag of the Chechens seen,” – said one of the soldiers about the enemy. On the reclaimed landing, which during the war passed from hand to hand, the military is trying to gain a foothold.

Marine Callsign “Grad” told that they had to dig while lying on your side, stomach, using the axe. His companions quickly turn the funnel from large-caliber shells in shelters – dig new bunkers and demolition wood for their floors.

“Yesterday, a group of DRG tried to come here. One hundred meters,” – said the marine with the call sign “Crest”. “If someone is going to miss… I’m not worried about myself – my children are!” adds his companion “energy”.

Forces on the hard work in 10-degree cold, the military adds the realization that so systematically and deliberately slowly released from the occupier of the Ukrainian land.

“Each day we go forward. And I think that soon we’ll be in the position they are standing on today,” hopes marine “Grad”.

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