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Attraction The Wicker Man – first photo!

A roller coaster with a purely British flavor. We already wrote about them: the attraction is called “The Wicker Man”, that is “the Wicker man”, which, of course, for fans of horror sounds particularly intriguing, because most of us are familiar, if not iconic musical horror film 1973 release, at least see the remake with Nicolas cage.

Wood and the flames – Oh yeah, the ride on these roller coaster thrill seekers will remember for a long time! In the network appeared the first photos of”The Wicker Man”, as well as more detailed and accurate description of the attraction. The height of the slides will be of 17.55 metres, the equivalent of a six-story building. The attraction will be located in the heart of the leisure Park Alton Towerstrip will take place in three waves, and the solemn opening of the slides will be held in the spring.

As seen in the photo, the design of the attraction that is necessary: only one huge head well worth it! As reported, before the trip, visitors (there can be up to 24 people at a time) will tell about the people Bearden, a secret society that lived in the forests around the village of Elton, which is located in the neighborhood.

Photo: Mikael Buck / Alton Towers.

Photo: Mikael Buck / Alton Towers.

Photo: Mikael Buck / Alton Towers.

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