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Attraction generosity: Moscow gives the regions of the decommissioned trams and trolleybuses

Аттракцион щедрости: Москва раздает регионам списанные трамваи и троллейбусы

The provincial government has no money not only for the new public transport, but also to repair worn

As you know the city authorities in recent years spend a lot of money to replace trolleybuses on a much more expensive and unprofitable to operate the buses. And this despite the fact that the situation with public transport in the country’s regions have long been extremely difficult, wrote in his blog journalist Paul Gingerbread:

“It turns out that Moscow is distributed free of charge to the regions not only the old and decommissioned trams (for example, in Kemerovo), but also trolleybuses. For example, now in Saratov there will arrive the old Moscow trolleybuses. But even better is the old trolleybus Park of Saratov, where, according to the local mayor Isayev, “their wear is 80%”. For a full replacement of the trolley need 2 billion rubles, and such money from Saratov not.

Generally, the modernization that’s such a worn-out public transport in Russian cities and routes (tram and trains), depot, repair shops, etc. could be an effective national program. Effective – in the sense that it could keep the machine works (hundreds of billions of dollars per year – trams, buses, trains), industry of building materials, hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and really would improve the quality of life of people in cities.

How many are writing that Russia is now overblown with money, ever so much in the country’s history, they were not. The budget surplus this year will be almost $ 4 trillion. RUB, the SWF is already more than 8 trillion. Happily, the Central Bank reported that its reserves had reached $550 billion (35 trillion. RUB.), the accounts of large companies (including state companies) have accumulated under 20 trillion. RUB In General, Russia is now under $1 trillion. free money. Against this background, we see the chronic underfunding in all spheres of life in the country, from infrastructure and healthcare to the blatant poverty of tens of millions of Russians. The mind boggles…”

In the review analyst Denis Kharitonov appreciated the generosity of the capital:

“Moscow trams are helping out provincial city with trolleybuses will be worse, they wear out faster. But, of course, the backlog of the infrastructure in Russian cities is a hell: do not change the rails and a contact network, the damaged electrical substation, the car – wreck. Taxis in some places supplanted the high-quality FROM. In this case I’m talking about cities of 300 thousand+. In the Siberian cities are in a difficult situation with FROM.

The most surprising thing that these old trolley, which gives Moscow the Saratov made Engels, in a city that is located exactly on the opposite side of the Volga, opposite Saratov…”

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