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Attack of an alligator on the son said: new details

Нападение аллигатора на сына Кличко: новые подробностиKlitschko responded to the terrible news about the crocodile.

Information about the incident with the son of the mayor of Kiev, who was allegedly in the US was bitten by a crocodile, is false.

This reports the press Secretary of Vitali Klitschko Oksana Zinoviev.

She stressed that the news that was circulated by the Ukrainian media, it is “another fake”.

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“In America he does not study, and the crocodile didn’t bite,” said Zinoviev.

According to a spokesperson, the mayor’s son does not lead page on the social network Facebook, where supposedly there was a post about the incident on behalf of a user with the name “Egor-Daniel Klitschko.”

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