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Atmospheric shots of the Icelandic horror “I remember you”

This film is based on the novel IRSI Sigurdardottir, and at first glance seems to be nothing new to the viewer assumes. Missing children, depressive town, mystery… But the trailer was very nice. The movie definitely has atmosphere. And how much do you know Icelandic horror to pass?

“I remember you” put Oskar Thor Axelsson, known for crime Thriller “black’s Game”. The synopsis reads:

The horrors of resettlement may occur even in peaceful Iceland. While the family moved into an old house, realizes that he is cursed, the city of the Church hung the woman who three years ago missing eight-year-old son, and these events somehow ties the loss of another baby 60 years ago.

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We got a selection of frames from the film that give the opportunity to be a little closer to this dark story. Beautiful entourage, sinister secrets, the kind of hell – all right. And let the plot is not particularly original name, in the end it may be a strong genre band, catchy psychology and atmosphere. It is necessary to look.

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In Iceland, the film was shown in may of this year, now is coming the English release. November 10 “I remember you” comes out in limited release USA, then will be release on platforms with video-on-demand.

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