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Athos monks invented how to help Ukraine in the war

Афонские монахи придумали, как можно помочь Украине в войнеThe priest will pray from the WA all forces prays for peace in Ukraine.

Monks from Athos visited Kiev and gave a lecture in the Open Orthodox University of St. Sophia. Guests of the Ukrainian capital became a hieromonk Chrysostomos and paisios from one of the oldest monasteries of the Holy Mountain – Kutlumush.

The lecture was held in the Metropolitan’s chambers of St. Sophia, and aired its website TSN.ia. The monks asked the questions by telephone and via the Internet. Believers interested in the life on mount Athos, and also wanted to hear the opinions of guests about, when the war is over. “It depends on our maltiti. We, on the other hand, earnestly pray for peace. Prayer has great power, she can move mountains. If we pray, if we love God, we can solve a lot of problems. Just trust me and do it,” assured one of the monks.

The monks listened to the question about the luxurious life of some Ukrainian priests and wonder – according to them, life is a big mistake. On Athos the monk from private property except the clothes on it, and the Bible. The Ukrainian land, guests from the Holy Mountain called blessed, and the University’s rector father George Kovalenko expressed hope that such visits will become a tradition. “We need to take much and of the Greek Church, and directly from mount Athos. It is necessary to communicate, because this communication opens the talents of each,” he says.

Athos elders affected by Kiev and prepared for the Holy mountain of the Ukrainian center of the Open Orthodox University of St. Sophia, Wisdom. A small hall could not accommodate all comers. Ukrainian Orthodox priests say that Athos spiritually akin with Ukraine. Here and there, serve one rite of Liturgy, reading the same prayers in different languages. Key difference: Athos is a continuous spiritual tradition, and in Ukraine under Soviet rule, monasticism declined.

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