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At year-end web boxes for denunciations have used almost 1 million Russians

По итогам года веб ящиками для доносов  воспользовались почти 1  млн россиян

Service of the Cossack counter-Intelligence, reported on a successful experiment with the collection of complaints against officials.
The Cossacks refer to the Federal law “About bases of system of prevention of offences in the Russian Federation”, which allows you to create such a body and introduces the concept of anti-social activities. So, in case of non-execution of the requirement about inadmissibility of acts of anti-social behaviour, the person to whom it was declared, can be held liable in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation. That is, the continuation of antisocial behavior after the announcement of official caution entails real responsibility.

The Council of Atamans of Russia, suggested to all citizens to write the facts known to them about the officials in the regions, the regional office service of the Cossack counter-Intelligence.

For the year 2018 was created 25 regional offices, total to June in the office of the service of the Cossack counter-Intelligence and web reception in the VC, received a record number of messages — 0.9 million

“The results can not but rejoice — it is less than half a year, the number of communications (denunciations) exceeded the expected several times,” — said the Head of the Cossack counter-Intelligence. General FSK, Gennady Kovalev.

A month ago a working website http://росдонос.рф for the month , more than 14,000 denunciations.

Most often, the Russians report the alleged presence of his officials unregistered incomes, corruption and nepotism, ignoring the complaints of the population. 15% of denunciations dedicated likely working for foreign intelligence, a 24% offensive statements or jokes about Cossacks or other public servants.

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“The majority of requests come from members of the older generation, we even have a record — 84-the summer inhabitant of the Rostov region wrote more than 200 applications per year. We explained to him that for most of them it is impossible to attract people to criminal liability, at least according to modern law, but in any case, I want to reward you for your vigilance. He asked me to help repair his house and we think we can do,” — said Gennady Kovalev.

We systematize all the data, prepare a map of complaints by region, processed the data and pass in the appropriate bodies, our material listen and react, unlike the individual complaints.

По итогам года веб ящиками для доносов  воспользовались почти 1  млн россиян

For example, in the Ryazan region, in a couple of months, under investigation and arrests were about a dozen high-ranking officials. Prosecutors have brought 12 to liability of Ministers and officials of ministries and administration (

A similar pattern in other regions where actively working our Cossack of the office of Counterintelligence.
All this is done in order to simple economic and environmental demands of the citizens because they are not quickness or reluctance to work, with respect to iterates, officials do not become political.

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Collection points of complaints are to be opened in 7 cities of Russia. In the near future will join another 5 settlements of Primorye and Vladivostok, where our positions are very strong Atma Milanino.
Soon it is planned to issue identity the first wave of volunteers from among the don Cossacks, whose number is increasing.”

“When we faced the task to organize the collection of complaints, we quickly realized that the nucleus must become organized volunteer cell. Nowadays the main task is to ensure the comfort of living of citizens, so keep an eye on this should a socially conscious people. This approach is well established in modern Russia and in history. Compare, say, the White guards and Red guards. Which one was more viable? Therefore, the volunteer groups would become the core of the project,” said General FGC, Gennady Kovalev.
“We are on track and feel the support at all levels. The clearest evidence of this is such that In the Volgograd region 137 of investigators of investigative management of SKR, created a Cossack organization, formed “the Village Denisovskaya” ( The Council of Atamans of Russia, he said to them, a Pleasure!”.


Valery Rozanov Coordinator of the CFA for the work of the Cossacks with the media

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