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At the weekend Ukraine will be hit by rain

На выходных Украину накроет дождямиThe rains in the North and in the center.

This weekend, 28-29 October, the entire territory of Ukraine will cover the rains.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, on Saturday, October 28, in the North and centre of the country will pass heavy rains.

Coldest is in the West – to the extent where the temperature will rise to a maximum up to +6… +8 degrees in Northern regions – up to 10, in Transcarpathia and East +10… +12.

Highest temperatures will be in the South to 13 degrees Celsius.

In Kiev rain is expected at night will be +6… +8 and day +8… +10 degrees.

Sunday, 29 October, the rains will stop only on the South and East.

The rest of the wet weather will lead to a slight cold. In the Northern regions will be +6… +8 degrees. A little warmer in the West and in the centre – an average of 10 degrees.

In the capital, the rains will stop, will stand at +5… 7, day +7 to +9.
Will have to wait for Thursday: the weather forecaster spoke about rapid change in the weather in Kiev

In Lviv on 28 and 29 October rains on Sunday are expected heavy rains. The day temperature will rise to a maximum of +9, and night frosts are expected.

In the river the rain will be only on Saturday, Sunday will be clear. The air warms up to +7… +9 degrees during the day and up to a maximum of +6 at night.

In Odessa on Saturday, as precipitation is expected. In places of possible fog. The average temperature will rise to +13 degrees. The night will be +8… +10 degrees. Sunday will be Sunny.

In Kharkov predict rain on Saturday and Sunday. The maximum temperature will rise to +10 day and +6 at night.

In the Carpathians it rains on 28 and 29 October, the temperature will be +7… +9 degrees. On Sunday, the rains will intensify.

In Donetsk, also precipitation is expected on October 28. The average temperature will rise to +8… +10 degrees on Sunday, as rain.

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