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At the gas station has cheaper gas

На АЗС подешевел автогазThe average price of liquefied gas at filling stations as of January 14 fell to 12.62 UAH/liter.

In Ukraine in the period from 11 to 14 January autogas at the pump fell by 10 to 70 kopecks./l. On Monday, January 14, according to consulting company UPECO, referring to the daily price monitoring of the petroleum market.

So, at the gas station Avantage 7 in Kiev the liquefied gas has dropped in price by 30 kopecks./l to 11.95 UAH/liter.

In the Kharkiv region at the stations Marshal gas fell by 20 kopecks./l to 12.15 UAH/liter.

The network of filling stations UPG price of LPG was reduced by 40 kopecks./l to 12.40 UAH/liter.

Poltava operators BVS and Autotrans lowered the price of the petrol to 12.64 UAH/liter.

In a network of Parallel gas has fallen by 20 kopecks./l, to 12.99 UAH/liter. Also the capital, the operator has lowered the cost of its gas stations by 40 kopecks./l, to 12.99 UAH/liter.

In addition, SOCAR’s gas station in Kiev, gas prices have fallen by 40 kopecks./l, to 13.09 UAH/liter.

Thus, as of 14 January, the average price of LPG at filling stations decreased to 12.62 UAH/liter.

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