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At the bottom of the Dnieper river found rare Ukrainian “monster”

На дне Днепра обнаружили редкого украинского "монстра"In the river caught a rare representative of the fauna of the Ukrainian lamprey.

Slimy snake-like body without scales, three eyes, creepy mouth, resembling a suction Cup, armed with Horny teeth and hooks, to meet this “monster” can be extremely rare. It relates to endangered species and listed in the Red book.

Recently, however, fishermen came across him in the river. Over the last 30 years is only the second such case.

Ukrainian lamprey in waters has a limited distribution: it is found in the lower reaches of the river Samara and the Samara Bay of the Dnieper (Zaporozhie) reservoir, also noted its presence in the river Orel – said ichthyologist Oleg morenkov. – The shallowing and sedimentation of the rivers has deprived these ancient “fish-like” natural spawning grounds, so they are extremely rare. However, in the summer of 2016, we were told, caught two lampreys in the Samara Bay. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

No danger to humans, the lamprey is not. All folklore stories that this fish was one of the ancient torture, pulling from the blood of the victim, – no more than myths. But the fact that lamprey is considered a delicacy – not fiction. However, to try its meat, tastes like chicken, because of the frightening appearance not everyone dares.

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