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At Lexus told about the new brand and hybrid cars

Lexus may release under its high-performance F brand Performance hybrid model that will in one way or another electrified.

On this in his interview at the Festival of speed at Goodwood has hinted the President of Lexus Yoshihiro Sawa.

“For us, the brand F is very important. We need to worry about its originality. We can produce the F GT with a hybrid power plant, consisting in including and electric motor. We need to think about the future, and it is, as you know, for “clean” technologies.

Now a lot of talk about electric cars. They are fashionable. But who knows what will happen, for example, in three years? Many motorists still love cars with internal combustion engines, as they give a distinctive sound. I think I need to meet different buyers to consider their tastes.

We will make a car with electric propulsion, but we are looking for different options as to how it should be. One thing is already clear – it has to be luxurious, because our customers want,” said Yoshihiro Sawa.

If Lexus is really going to produce a model F, which has in one way or another electrified powertrain (e.g., a rechargeable hybrid propulsion system), it would be quite logical. After all, Mercedes-AMG plans to make a hybrid of the new generation of the C63, and BMW is preparing to release a hybrid model under the brand M.

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