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At Jamala serious health problems

У Джамалы серьезные проблемы со здоровьемLately the girl is very upset.

Singer Jamal declared the winner of the Eurovision song contest, where she performed anti-Russian song, “1944”, unexpectedly criticized the language quotas imposed by the Verkhovna Rada in the Ukrainian teleair.

“I’m for that there were a lot of Ukrainian music, but the law needs to be modified. Because there are so many English-speaking Ukrainian music, Russian. It is high-level. We don’t have to listen to the radio “Two cholera”. Good to know the tradition, but it is impossible to get all the last century,” said Jamal in the air of the Ukrainian channel five.

In particular, it’s a shame that under the quota gets her English song with a chorus in the Crimean Tatar “1944”.

“I’m for quotas, but you must understand my feelings, when at one point the song “1944” ceases to be Ukrainian. The song that won so much happiness and joy brought. It was the first time at the Eurovision song contest sounded, the Crimean Tatar language. I even Erdogan called and thanked him for it. But we do not think the Ukrainian song. You need to add a sub-item in this law,” said Jamal.

Recall that “1944” is dedicated to the expulsion of Crimean Tatars from the Peninsula during the great Patriotic war. Soviet troops liberating Crimea from the Nazis, called the composition “strangers” and are accused of murders.

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