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At food fairs in Kiev, we found a lot of violations

На продуктовых ярмарках в Киеве обнаружили множество нарушенийJournalists checked, follow the rules of the sellers.

A fish out of the refrigerator, and sellers without medkniga. Buying products at street fairs consumer risk. Trade rules here do not comply with: the sellers do not wash their hands, there is a danger of running into counterfeit goods. Journalists went on the RAID with a representative of the consumers Union.

Meat, fish, pickles, and household goods. The shelves of the fair stretched for several hundred meters. Neither the seller no fridge. Say, frost has already hit, the temperatures are observed. And if for meat this is the right choice, keep it at zero temperature, for fish this is unacceptable.

“Temperature of the whole fish -18-24 degrees, and it is kept positive, occurs defrost”, – says the Director of the Union of consumers of Ukraine Maxim Nesmiyanov.

This means that the fish is defrosted, it begins to develop bacteria. But this saleswoman for meat on the counter there was not enough space. Lying on the ground.

For pork and beef, the documents show almost everything, but the labeling on the chicken rare. The sales rule rabbits also do not observe evidence that this is not a cat, no.

For imported coffee is a small queue. Here are just buyers do not suspect that it is a fake.

Found the Mall and fake washing powder.

But the biggest problem at the fair – this is a fake medknizhki, say in the state foods and consumer service.

The responsibility for the fair on the organizers, and the duty of Gospodarevskaya – to carry out regular inspection every 2 years or at the request of citizens. But with the beginning of the year at fair the goods complained only two buyers.

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