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ASUS told about their gaming products

Sometimes the company produces such a wide variety of different devices that understand their positioning is quite difficult. To prevent such a situation with its new, ASUS representatives held a meeting with journalists, during which he spoke about positioning their gaming products.
Like 30 years ago, the main direction of its activities the Taiwanese company is the production of motherboards. Now its range includes hundreds of models of cards, which can be divided into 5 segments. Motherboard ROG MAXIMUS IX created for enthusiasts and those who are accustomed to the best.

The line includes models such as Gene, Code, Hero, Hero WIFI, Formula, Extreme and Apex. ROG STIRIX – line created for sensible gamers, who are not used to pay for the functionality, which will not enjoy, and competitive players. TUF GAMING – new “protected” series, specially for those who require maximum reliability and durability at a reasonable price. Board line WS designed for the corporate segment – no brightness and catchiness, only the functionality but the PRIME series is developed at the junction of the gaming and corporate segments.

Graphics cards, the emphasis is on graphics processors with the architecture of NVIDIA Turing. Here you can also find several series. The Board features ROG MATRIX liquid cooling system with three coolers and a full set of “features”. Bright representative of the line – a top to date video card ROG MATRIX RTX 2080Ti-P11G-Gaming with such features as MaxContact, FanConnect II, Auto-Extreme and ASUS backlit AURA.

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The lines of the ROG STRIX GAMING also three fans, but without liquid cooling. It is not difficult to guess Board line DUAL/EVO only have a couple of coolers, a not-so-fancy functions, but are quite acceptable. Video controllers TURBO/EVO have only one fan. GAMING motherboard TUF/TUF GAMING X3 have milliaria design and is equipped with two or three coolers. PHONIX graphics cards have one fan and the most compact dimensions.The first monitor released by ASUS in 2003, and since then the company stays the course toward market dominance. The line ROG Swift PG is designed for enthusiast gamers, the ROG Strix XG (MG and VG (144 Hz) will appeal to competitive players, series VG (75 Hz) will like cross-platform gamers, and VP and VS are designed to kazualov.

Bright representative of the 27 – inch ROG Swift monitor PG27UQX quantum dot with a frequency of 144 Hz. The device has 576 dimmable zones and a peak luminance of 1,000 CD per sq. m. the Second novelty ROG STRIX XG17 – the world’s first 240 Hz gaming monitor portable. It has a display with a diagonal of 17.3 inches, a response time of 3 MS and the battery, charge which is enough for 3 hours of work.

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Gradually move to gaming peripherals. Gaming headset ASUS are divided into 4 categories. TUG Gaming ideal for novice gamers, the ROG Strix Fusion – avid players, ROF Delta – for the hardcore, very rarely leaving their chair, and finally the ROG Theta – for the hardcore players and audiphiles. ROG Theta 7.1 has 8 loudspeakers with virtual bass and noise reduction technology based on artificial intelligence and the design ROG Theta can be detected Electret electret speaker to play high frequencies.

Among the power supply units emit ROG Thor (1200 W and 850 W) and ROG Strix (750 W and 650 W). The latter have interchangeable panels for customization. From the variety of keyboards ROG, TUF and STRIX it is necessary to allocate optical-mechanical representative TUF Gaming K7, which has a response speed of 0.2 MS, and costs less than a keyboard with mechanical switches. Among mice also present a similar division into categories: ROG, TUF and STRIX.

From points of interest also worth noting is the cooling system one, two and three coolers, portable container ROG STRIX Arion, which will turn an ordinary M. 2 drive in an external carrier USB connector Type-C, as well as a line of routers with the Wi-Fi enabled 6.

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