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Asus patented dual phone-slider

Asus запатентовала двойной телефон-слайдер

The patent shows a full-screen smartphones with camera the Asus slider.

In some models, sliding system running up, others down. A week ago, Asus managed to surprise many people with Zenfone 6. This is the first full-screen phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. This was made possible thanks to the implementation of a rotating camera. The dual camera will be automatically saved when you make a selfie. At the end of last year, the company has filed a patent on different models of smartphones, some with pop-up camera, others with a hole in the display, writes the with reference to

Asus, it seems, intends to submit other full-screen models in the near future. The patent for the design from Asus Computer was posted on may 21, 2019 in the Global design database, WIPO (World intellectual property office). This time full-screen smartphones equipped with a camera slider.

Full-screen phone with camera-slider

It concerns a total of 10 different models. All phones have the full-screen design, the bottom part is visible only to a narrow frame. The rear part is identical for all variants. Visible here is the dual camera, positioned horizontally, with a flash between them. This camera system is similar in design to the recently introduced Zenfone 6. This time, however, it is not a folding camera, and retractable camera.

Since this is a patent for a sample description is short. However, it contains an important detail. With 5 of the 10 models sliding system only works up, as we now know from various other mobile phones such as Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix. To the other 5 models, the system can also be moved down, creating a system with two sliders. In addition slideroll system, these models exactly match the first 5 options.

Asus smartphone with dual slideroll system

All proprietary phones Asus is equipped with dual front camera. The location and distance between the cameras is different. The microphone and flash are also different in the integrated, extensible system. There are also several physical buttons on the sides that function as a toggle and volume button. At the bottom there is a place to connect for charging the device.

It seems that Asus really going to release such a smartphone. We first hear about the Asus phone with double sliders. Last month Evan Blass published a series of conceptual photos dual layer phone Asus 5G via Twitter. The concept came from one of the designers of Asus Zenfone 5.

Imagery showed a significant amount of similarity with the patent, published this week. From the drawings it is also seen that the lower slide system can be used as a speaker and / or sound control. To do this, Asus will seek cooperation with Harman Kardon, both companies some time together working on ultrabooks, laptops and laptops from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Incidentally, there is still a noticeable difference, for example, on a patent-pending images there is no fingerprint scanner, and the photos of the concept are visible. Will this eventually placed behind the screen, is still unknown, but, of course, is unthinkable, as more and more models equipped with a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

Asus запатентовала двойной телефон-слайдер

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