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Astrophysics told about the collision of galaxies

Астрофизики рассказали о столкновении галактик It turned out that dwarf galaxies around the milky way in the past faced.

People living in the southern hemisphere of the planet, in the clear sky can see near the milky way are a few spots that are dwarf galaxies called the Large Magellanic Cloud and Small. Experts have established that in the past these galaxies collided, causing an explosion occurred.

The distance between these galaxies and our planet is 150 light years, the objects are considered satellites of the milky way. A Great Cloud is 30 billion stars, and in the Small – 1.5 billion Scientists were surprised by the strange moving star clusters, which can be a symptom of the collision of galaxies in the past.

American experts from the University of Michigan using a telescope Gaia found that in the Small Magellanic Cloud stars gradually drift away from their initial points with a speed of 64 km/s and move to the Big Cloud.

This fact just proves the idea that when something happened, not just the movement of galaxies, and their collision. These findings appeared in the edition of Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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