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Astrophysics made a surprise announcement about the solar Eclipse

Астрофизики сделали неожиданное заявление о солнечном затменииScientists during solar Eclipse to establish contact with aliens.

Chief scientist COSI science center astrophysicist Paul Sutter told as a solar Eclipse on 21 August, will help to contact with other worlds.

Scientists believe that there are aliens and even a solar Eclipse will help to contact them. From the Ground it seems that nothing unusual happens, but the phenomenon itself can be a signal for extraterrestrial beings.

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“Even the slightest hint of a decrease in sunlight can call the aliens” – said the scientist.

Despite the fact that Sutter’s an astrophysicist and science denies the existence of the paranormal, the specialist is confident in their presence in the universe. As an astronomer, he intends the day of a solar Eclipse to measure the change of brightness when the Earth enters the edge of the Sun and increase it at the end of this phenomenon.

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“If there are extraterrestrial beings, new technologies to quickly establish contact with aliens,” – added the scientist.

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