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Astrophysics made a sensational statement about Mars

Астрофизики сделали сенсационное заявление о МарсеScientists have named a possible cause of the destruction of life on Mars.

Mars lost the atmosphere that was not like earth, due to solar winds and UV rays.

This was reported by scientists from the University of Colorado (USA).

About 4 billion years ago when life on Earth was in its infancy, the Red planet has a dense atmosphere, which allowed you to retain heat and humidity. And most likely, it is possible to exist in living organisms. Subsequently, the atmosphere of Mars began to thin, as light isotopes of argon left the planet under the influence of ultraviolet rays and the solar wind is a stream of particles megaconservancy hydrogen plasma.

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Thus the Martian atmosphere has lost 66% of its volume of argon, and this led to a reduction in the proportion of carbon dioxide that traps heat. As a result, the climate changed and it turned into uninhabitable desert.

To the conclusion that astrophysicists have come after analyzing the data of the mission, Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, in which the satellites transmit to Earth data about the red planet. The researchers believe that similar processes could occur on other planets

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