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Astrophysicists have discovered the coldest object in the Universe

Астрофизики обнаружили самый холодный объект во ВселеннойTo find the object has been using the ALMA telescope.

Astrophysicists during long-term studies have established the coldest object in the Universe.

It’s called the Boomerang nebula has a temperature of minus 272 degrees Celsius.

This nebula is in the constellation of Centaurus in 5 thousand light-years from our planet and has a pretty weak glow, because to see this area of space is very difficult. To work the astronomers used the powerful telescope ALMA.

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In the center of the nebula Boomerang recorded a record low temperature. It is only one degree greater than the freezing temperature of hydrogen. In addition, its average temperature to two degrees Celsius lower than elsewhere in the Universe. With this, scientists and associated weak light that radiates this part of the constellation Centerra. Against the background of space you can see only the outlines of open nebula.

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Researchers believe the Boomerang nebula is a young cluster of stars. But the faint glow often indicates that the star at its center is dying. In this regard, scientists are unable to explain the causes and characteristics of this process. They also have the necessary tools and equipment with high resolution, so more details to examine a strange space object.

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