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Astrophysicists have discovered in space the mysterious object

Астрофизики обнаружили в космосе загадочный объектThe American team of astrophysicists has discovered a star that is eclipsed by an unknown space object.

A team of American astrophysicists from the California Institute of technology under the leadership of Trevor David found another star which is eclipsed by an unknown space object.

A year ago, has attracted the attention of the star KIC 8462852, which thanks to the Kepler space telescope scientists have discovered a strange dips in the light curve of the star has sometimes become dimmer, the fall of its Shine can be 22%, which cannot be explained by the passage in front of her even large planets. During the year, the scientists published many works, including exotic explanations of the phenomenon of the stars, called Tabby.

Star RIK-210 is in the so-called OB Association, Scorpius – Centaurus – 472 light-years from the Sun. With the help of the Kepler telescope it was found that gaps in the glitter stars are also larger – they reach 15%. However, unlike the Tabbies is that they are only unknown to take place strictly periodically, with an interval of 5.67 days, and they are only synchronized with its own rotation of the star itself.

Spectrometric observation has ruled out the possibility that the star is eclipsed by another less bright star, or so-called brown dwarf, in addition, eclipses can be caused by single spherical body by virtue of the fact that eclipses of the times have a different shape and duration. Scientists suggest that the most likely cause of the darkening cloud of abnormally cold plasma inside the magnetosphere, rotating synchronously with the star. However, to answer this question requires further observation.

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