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Astronomers were able to see the real “face” of a black hole

Астрономы смогли увидеть настоящее "лицо" черной дырыOver the past few decades, scientists have recorded only a few dozen such cases.

Scientists were able to learn about what is happening in the vicinity of the black hole after the “dome” of gas and dust which surrounded it, was destroyed by the powerful radiation.

The researchers ‘ findings were published in the journal MNRAS.

The researchers watched what was happening in the center of the galaxy NGC 2617, which is located in the constellation Hydra. In 2013, scientists found that the center of the galaxy suddenly became visible to telescopes. Further observations allowed the researchers to determine that the strange behavior of galaxies associated with the black hole, which is located at its center.

According to researchers, the black hole “eats” a big part of the matter, and then releases a powerful light that destroys the “dome” of gas and dust that surrounds it. Changes in activity in NGC 2617 has allowed researchers to better understand what happens near the black hole. However, how long the black hole will remain open unknown to scientists.

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