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Astronomers warn of approaching asteroid

Астрономы предупреждают о приближающемся астероиде Astronomers fear: to Earth heading asteroid.

A celestial body is aiming to the UK, and experts fear that the strike could lead to Armageddon.

The specialists claim that the death of the planet may happen even if the asteroid will break into fragments – the power of the explosion will still be so great that the air will still be shaking, the shock wave will cover the planet in all areas of the globe will be tsunamis and earthquakes. Velocity standard celestial object of such type around the Sun is 30 km/s.

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NASA astronomers began to Express alarm at the rapid approach WF9 last year – the excitement has passed and the media, which was immediately disseminated by the alarming news. From the statement of experts it follows that the space object has a huge size every second he gets closer to the planet, rushing at breakneck speed from the system Nibiru. The fall of an object with a 500-meter radius could trigger a tsunami of such destructive power that the wave will cover the whole city.

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However, there is a probability that a heavenly body will burn at a distance of 50 million kilometers from Earth and our planet will not hurt.

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