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Astronomers told us what mankind will perish

Астрономы рассказали, от чего погибнет человечествоPeople on Earth will die because of superspace in the Sun.

Human civilization will cease to exist after 750 years.

This assured the research staff at Harvard University.

Astronomer Abraham Loeb from Harvard University and his colleague Manasvi Lingam estimated time when the Sun breaks out devastating for human civilization, the super outbreak, according to

According to scientists, a devastating solar flares occur every two thousand years. The last time this phenomenon occurred in the year 775. Astronomers think it will be repeated through 750 years. The results of their work were published in Cornell University Library.

“We conclude that the risk from superspikes under-valued, and that mankind might witness their occurrence, leading to devastating economic and technological losses in the course of a thousand years,” said the study authors.

According to scientists, a flare with minimum capacity can cause significant damage to human infrastructure, but the planet’s ecosystem will not be destroyed. However, the maximum flare is able to destroy both the ecosystem and created a civilization infrastructure.

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