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Astronomers talked about the “voracious” black hole

Астрономы рассказали о самой "прожорливой" черной дыреIn the constellation of Virgo was found “space eater”.

Astronomers from new Hampshire found a huge black hole that devours the space objects in the constellation Virgo for the past 11 years.

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In accordance with the data scientists, the black hole was formed in the heart of the constellation, it devours planets and space debris, making no particular preference. Its activity is many times greater than the open space of emptiness. Their meal black stretch, allowing the victim to say goodbye to this world. Further, if in the mouth turns out to be a star, it flashes brightly and goes into an endless void.

Scientists say that over the last ten years, they could directly study the tidal waves of exploding stars. If everything continues in the same vein, soon the earthlings will face a problem of confrontation between super-massive black hole, which can easily absorb humanity.

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