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Astronomers showed the greatest stars of the milky Way

Астрономы показали снимок самой большой звезды Млечного Пути“Hubble” has made a new impressive the.

Scientists using a telescope “Hubble” has received the star Westerlund 1-26, which is the biggest star of the milky Way.

The star is located at a distance 15 thousand light years from Earth, according to the website of the telescope.

Westerlund 1-26 is a red supergiant, its radius exceeds the radius of the Sun 1,500 times. If the star was at the place of the luminaries in the Solar system, it would take the place to the orbit of Jupiter.

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Most of the stars included in the cluster Westerlund 1 was formed during a single burst of star formation, that is, they are about the same age. The stars of this cluster in astronomical terms quite “young”: they are about three million years. For comparison, the age of the Sun is estimated at 4.6 billion years.

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