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Astronomers have solved the mystery of Saturn’s moon

Астрономы раскрыли тайну спутника СатурнаThe mystery of the mysterious moon of Saturn Tethys is finally revealed by scientists with the help of a probe “Cassini”.

Previously, scientists had no opportunity to examine a very bright satellite of Saturn, however, using data obtained from the probe “Cassini”, researchers have learned a lot.

Note that the probe “Cassini” is named in honor of the discoverer of tafia, which was able to observe him close up of Saturn Giovanni Domenico Cassini. The probe itself fulfilled the function of study of Saturn and its moons, being in close proximity with the planet. “Cassini” at the end of his mission, went to the upper atmosphere of Saturn and were subjected to self-destruct at the end of September this year.

Before his scheduled demise, the probe managed to collect the required amount of data on the mysterious moon of Saturn, which can reflect up to 80 percent of the sun’s light, making it an incredibly bright object. Thanks to Cassini, scientists have measured the size of Tethys, the radius of which amounted to 531 km.

Note that Tafia at this size is considered rather small celestial body, and of all the satellites of Saturn by the size it occupies only 16th place. It was also found that the distance between the planet and its satellite, which amounted to 295 000 kilometers, which is not a huge figure in our Solar system.

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