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Astronomers have learned to find the places where stars are born

Астрономы научились находить места, где рождаются звездыScientists have found a “space nursery”.

Stars are formed in regions known as “stellar nurseries”, but in the end they travel the galactic disk far from the places where they were born.

Researchers have developed a method by which you can trace the history of star formation. An international team of researchers headed by Ivan Minchev from the Potsdam astrophysical Institute (AIP) has found a way to compute the birthplace of stars in the Galaxy. This is one of the main goals in the field of galactic archaeology, working on the reconstruction of the formation history of the milky Way. The work of scientists published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

It has long been known that the stars in the galactic disk gradually leave the places of their birth due to the phenomenon of radial migration. This movement through the Galaxy seriously complicate assumptions about the history of the formation of the milky Way. Radial migration is affected by many parameters: for example, the size and speed of the galactic bar, the number and shape of spiral arms in the galactic disk, as well as the frequency of collisions of smaller galaxies with the Milky Way over the last ten billion years and their corresponding mass.

To circumvent these obstacles, researchers have developed a method by which you can learn the history of the galactic migrations with age and chemical composition of stars. They used the historical information that the star formation in the galactic disk gradually progresses toward its outer limits, considering that the stars formed in a certain place at a certain time, models have distinct chemical composition. Therefore, if the age and chemical composition (e.g., iron content) of the star can be accurately measured, it is possible to determine the place of its birth in the galactic disk without additional assumptions using the models.

The team studied about 600 stars from the solar surroundings, with the assistance of a high-resolution spectrograph HARPS mounted on the 3.6-meter telescope at the ESO Observatory La Silla in Chile. Thanks to the precise measurements of the age and abundance of iron, astronomers have discovered that these stars were born in different regions of the galactic disk. The oldest of them were formed in its Central parts.

Researchers use this method to calculate the place of birth even those stars that are not included in their first job. For example, given the age of the Sun (4.6 billion years) and the amount of iron in its composition, we can calculate that a star is born approximately two thousand light years closer to galactic center than its current location.

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