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Astronomers have found the first “intermediate” black hole

Астрономы нашли первую "промежуточную" черную дыруIn the milky Way have found a candidate in exotic black holes.

Astronomers discovered in the constellation of the Toucan rare black hole of “average” weight, which is an “intermediate” the evolution of black holes.

The findings of scientists was published in the journal Nature.

At the moment the main contender for the role of black holes “intermediate mass” is an object X-2 in the galaxy M82, which was opened in 2006. Now, researchers have discovered another such object in the constellation of the Toucan, which was removed from the Earth at a distance 13 thousand light-years and contains several hundred older stars.

Observing the motion of stars in the center and on the outskirts of this cluster, astronomers suddenly noticed something unusual – it turned out that most of the stars in it were spinning around the center of 47 Tucanae with a much higher rate than do stars in other globular clusters. This was manifested, in particular, that the radio signals of pulsars was shifted away from the center of the cluster, which usually fall into such “dead” star after its birth in the course of supernova explosions.

A similar shift of the radio signals of pulsars and anomalies in the speed of movement of the stars, according to scientists, can be explained by the presence of an object with a mass of 2200 Sun in the center of the cluster. This mass will take the object that is in the center of the constellation to class of black holes “intermediate” mass.

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