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Astronomers have found a previously unknown black hole. Video

Астрономы нашли ранее неизвестную черную дыру. ВидеоSpectacular footage.

Astronomers have discovered an invisible black hole that hid in the globular star cluster of the giant milky Way and is called cluster NGC 3201, due to the unusual star located in the constellation Vela, it is nearly 16 000 light years from Earth.

Using the ESO MUSE instrument on the world’s largest telescope in Chile, scientists have discovered that the star rotates around an invisible massive black hole, which is four times the mass of the Sun. The star of “back and forth” on several hundred thousand kilometres per hour every 167 days.

Astronomer Benjamin geezer (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany) was intrigued by the behavior of the stars: “She was moving around something invisible, the mass of this object was almost four times greater than the Sun – it can only be a black hole” the relationship between black holes and ball clusters is important but mysterious. Through the great masses and the great age of these clusters, as suggested, given the large number of stellar massive black holes, created in the form of massive stars within them, they exploded and destroyed over a long period in the life of the cluster.

The MUSE instrument, provided by ESO, allows astronomers to simultaneously measure the movement of thousands of distant stars. A team of astronomers managed for the first time to detect an inactive black hole in the center of the balloon cluster, one that is not active and not surrounded by a disk of glowing gas.

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