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Astronomers have found a mysterious infrared light source in space

Астрономы нашли таинственный источник инфракрасного света в космосеHubble detected in the space infrared light source

Unknown lights recorded near the neutron star at a distance of about 800 light-years from the Sun. He can completely change all the theories about the formation and evolution of compact objects that remain after a supernova explosion.

Astronomers from the University of Pennsylvania in the USA in cooperation with Turkish colleagues are studying new mysterious infrared light source, widely divergent from the neutron star in space, adding another inexplicable phenomenon to the mysteries of the cosmos. Obscure the source in the infrared thermal range found in the Hubble telescope. According to scientists, this particular neutron star, which is part of the Magnificent seven objects with a strong magnetic field, causing their temperature is much higher theoretically.

Infrared radiation is widely distributed around this star is nearly 200 astronomical units. The star itself cannot be the source of such a powerful stream of light, and therefore it must be something else, scientists believe. It is possible that the radiation forms a large reverse accretion disk of dust that formed after a supernova explosion, and is able to stop the movement of the neutron star: “If the presence of such a disk is confirmed, it could change our understanding of the evolution of neutron stars”. Also astronomers believe that the glow forms a nebula, which was formed by the wind of a pulsar after a supernova explosion – its particles are the source of synchrotron radiation.

In the future, the astronomers intend to study in detail the neutron star, which in 2021 will bring into orbit a new telescope named James Webb. Future research can completely change the picture of the formation and life of neutron stars, and examine their evolution.

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