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Astronomers have discovered an interesting fact about satellites

Астрономы обнаружили интересный факт о спутникахMany satellites can be your companions.

Theoretical calculations showed that if the moon is sufficiently large and rotate quite far from their planet, then it can be own “subline”.

Astronomers Kollmeier juna (Juna Kollmeier) from the Carnegie Institute and Sean Raymond (Raymond Sean) from the University of Bordeaux called these bodies “sublunary” (submoons). In a paper presented at the online library of preprints they lead the preliminary calculations of the conditions under which this is possible. According to scientists, “subline” can remain stable if its dimensions are small (on the order of ten kilometers in radius), and her “mother” satellite, on the contrary, massive enough (at least 1000 miles) and rotates at a great distance from its planet.

Moreover, even if today the moons of the Solar system such “sublin” and no, they could exist at some period of the past. Theoretically need to satisfy the conditions of Titan and yapet Saturn, Callisto, Jupiter and even our own Moon. Even more promising from this point of view can be called ekzotik, recently discovered a planet Kepler-b 1625, the size of which is ten times higher than the size of the Earth.

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