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Astronomers have discovered a planet, “absorbs” light

Астрономы обнаружили планету, "поглощающую" светBeyond the Solar system a planet that absorbs 99% of light.

One of the darkest of the discovered celestial bodies were named WASP-104b.

The first mention of this appeared in 2014. Found that WASP-104b belongs to the class of hot Jupiters. Its mass is similar to weight of Jupiter, but it is a hundred times closer to the star of their system.

In the depths of WASP-104b disappears 99% of the light that provides the planet hit in the five of the most dark of the celestial bodies in the Universe.

Typical of many hot Jupiters darkness have been linked with the proximity of WASP-104b to the star (about 4.3 million km). Experts suggest that in the atmosphere of “day parties” WASP-104b has the atoms of sodium and potassium, which actively devour the light.

A more detailed study of this gas giant, scientists believe, may make adjustments in the dark planets. To date, the leadership of the TrES-2b: the planet absorbs 99.9% of light.

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