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Astronomers have discovered a new star of unknown origin

Астрономы открыли новую звезду неизвестного происхожденияScientists have discovered another star, the luminosity which decreases periodically, like “alien star” KIC 8462852.

Star RIK-210 is in the so-called OB Association, Scorpius — Centaurus — 472 light-years from the Sun.

The failures in her glitter dostigao 15%, but, unlike star Tabby, eclipses occur with periodicity 5.67 a day and synchronized with the rotation period of the star itself.

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With the help of spectrometric observations, the scientists ruled out the possibility that eclipses are caused by a second, less bright star or brown dwarf. In addition, eclipses can be caused by a single spherical body, because each time have a different shape and duration. According to scientists, the cause of eclipses can become a cloud of abnormally cold plasma inside the magnetosphere, rotating synchronously with the star.

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Formerly Professor of the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium Leen Decin told that the Sun would destroy all life on Earth in five billion years when it becomes a red giant.

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