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Astronomers have captured the in space, unusual structure

Астрономы запечатлели в космосе необычную структуруIn space, noticed an unusual smile.

NASA astronomers captured in space structure, which is similar to a smiley face of two glowing yellow balls and arcs in the form of the mouth.

Unusual stellar education refers to the galactic cluster SDSS J0952 + 3434.

“Lower, arc-shaped galaxy has a shape which is characteristic of gravitational lensing. Its light passed near the massive object in its way, causing it to become distorted and stretched,” explained NASA astronomers.

When stars are born, they come out of giant clouds of gas, the so-called stellar nurseries. Over time, these nurseries become unstable, yielding to gravitational forces, until they become a kind of “seeds” that produce new stars.

Studying the lives of other galaxies can shed light on how gas turns into a giant star. This is what Hubble was looking for when he stumbled upon the cutest little face in the palate, rich stellar nurseries. To improve the quality of image NASA employees increased image resolution wideband camera Wide Field Camera 3.

Analyzing the luminosity, size and rate of formation of young stars in such images, the NASA researchers hope to better understand how stars are formed in cold parts of the Universe.

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