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Astronomers have called a possible “homeland” of the Tunguska meteorite

Астрономы назвали вероятную «родину» Тунгусского метеоритаResearchers have linked the meteorite flow Beta Tauride.

The researchers note that in 1908, our planet passed through a particularly dense part of the stream, which increased the probability of a meteorite on the Ground. This passage are observed not every year. In particular, in 1975, when there was one set on the moon, the seismometers showed increased frequency of meteorite falls in the time of the peak of the Beta Taurid.

According to scientists, with this peak, our planet will face in 2019. However, they said that they do not predict a collision, similar to the Tunguska, but the chances of meteorites in the Earth’s atmosphere in June of next year will be a bit higher. According to the researchers, observations of the flow in 2019, will allow to uncover the mystery of the Tunguska meteorite.

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