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Astronomers found ancient “germ” of galaxies

Астрономы отыскали древние "зародыши" галактикExperts found seven isolated from other groups of dwarf galaxies.

Astronomers have found the first primitive group of galaxies, which were then formed large clusters of stars in the Universe.

About the discovery of scientists reported in the journal Nature.

According to researchers, the first galaxies emerged from the direct collapse of clouds of gas that arose as a result of the uneven distribution of matter in the Universe. Some clouds turned into single galaxies, and other large objects, became the ancestors of hundreds of individual “star cities”. However, the researchers could not answer the question of where did the first dwarf galaxy. According to scientists, small galaxies in the Universe is 10 times less than was predicted by models, and more recently astronomers and not managed to find any similar star cluster.

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In the new study, the researchers watched the dim objects in the night sky of the Northern hemisphere. Astronomers have found several dozen pairs of dwarf galaxies with similar neighbors, and then calculated the speed of their movement and tried to understand whether there is between them the gravitational connection. After analyzing the red shift of their radiation, the specialists identified six dozen dwarf galaxies, combined into seven relatively large clusters.

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These galaxies were different from the other dim galaxies with dark matter. If normal dwarf galaxies, it accounted for 99% of the substance, the researchers discovered clusters of content of dark matter was “normal”. The study of these objects, according to scientists, will help to understand how is born the milky Way and other spiral galaxies outside of the large clusters.

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